I don’t feel like I’ve had a real conversation with anyone this week.  Just seems to be a few “hi”, in passing, comments.  Superficial conversations.  And while there are times I don’t care.  I’ve been needing connection.  I’ve been needing conversation.  I’ve been needing time for me – to recharge – to engage – to just be me.

I know this is how life goes sometimes.  People get busy. Shit happens.  But to not have connection is just incredibly hard for me.

While my head knows this will pass – that this will not be the status quo – my heart wants connection.  My heart wants those who I am heart bonded with.  My heart needs it.

So all I can do is try to be okay with it.

All I can do it try to remind myself that this will pass.

All I can do is try to not let it affect my mood.

All I can do is wait – be patient – and just know I’m loved and cared for.

Hard things to do when you are feeling alone – impatient – disconnected.

But, to quote Uncle Mick, You can’t always get what you want.

The story of my fucking life sometimes.


What do you think?