Keeping the Karma Clean


Sunday afternoon while exchanging some messages with a friend, I had a moment of clarity.  As I gave her advice on something, I realized it was advice I had needed in the past.  Advice that echoed in my head and my heart – and made me immediately realize I owed someone an apology.

I won’t go into the details.  I will say however that I treated someone unfairly.  While I am usually someone who gives too much benefit of the doubt and too many chances, I gave her neither.  I truly owed her an apology.

Within about 10 minutes of having that realization, I wrote her a message.  I explained how I had come to this realization.  I told her I was sorry and why.  I told her that I hoped life was treating her well.  And left it like that.

I hadn’t heard back until yesterday.  When I saw I had a response, I was nervous.  Would she accept it?  Would she reject it?  Would she tell me to fuck off?  I kind of didn’t want to know.  My part in this was done.  I did what I felt I needed to do.  I just hoped it didn’t get undone with her response.

And it did not.  I guess I floored her – in a good way.  She was feeling the same way.  No blame, just lots of positive.

Like I told another friend, I wanted to keep my karma clean.  If I’m wrong, I’m going to say I’m wrong.  Even if it is hard to eat crow, if you will.

Because what we get back in this world is what we put into it – positive and negative.  Guess I choose positive.   And I’m glad I do.  Because I don’t want to do to others what someone may do to me.

What do you think?

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