Babbling Brook in My Mind

I feel like I should write something.  But I feel I blew my blogging wad on the post I did Tuesday.  I mean, I sat down, wrote it in 10 min – and hit post.  No editing.  Just felt right – needed to get out my frustrations with the situation – my view – so I did it.  All over the screen.  

(I figured since I started with an orgasm comment, I should end with one.)
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I have sat down to write about a few things this week – but nothing has come out with the same ease. It’s funny how that works.  And what I find is that the more content I am with life – the less ranty I feel which is hell for the blog some days.  
Inline image 1I could bitch about work and the idiots there.  but then again, it may be better to just refer you to the other ones as it’s the same shit, different day.  Too much work, too few decision….blah, blah blah.
Yeah, I’ll forgot that.
I could go all gooey and gushy (pun intended) about SB.  Go on about how well things are going there – how nice it is to be with someone who communicates, thinks about me before I think about me, and just brings a balance to my life that I need.  Oh yeah, and he’s a Sadistic Bastard too.  My mean Daddy….happy sigh.
But I’ll forgo that because, well, everyone is happy when someone finds someone but no one really wants to hear about it all the fucking time.  I get that. Plus, I like keeping those moments for me.  Yeah, I’m not sharing. 
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(no not really)
I could tell about the woes G is having with the bus.  How it continues to be two steps forward and one back.  But things are getting closer to being fixed. Much MUCH closer.  This is good news – great news actually.  Adventures are to be had.  Or I could go on about how he’s calculated how many minutes are left until spring break.  Or I could write about him teaching Buddhism in his class using a Zen Diagram. Get it?  Instead of Venn Diagram, it’s a Zen one?  Yeah.  
Bad Pun.
I could talk about the kids and their school performances.  Talk about the school musical that Indigo performed in – the school musical I have seen more times than I can count as it used to be done when G taught that grade level.  First time my child has been in it.  It was as good and bad as you’d expect.  But they were all proud of themselves as they should have been.  The kid who memorized and recited the Gettysburg Address and the other kid who memorized and recited the famous Martin Luther King speech deserved a special pat on the back.  And DJ made a great Cleopatra.  I was impressed with her short intro speech. Several teachers commented that they were blown away by it.
But parental gushing is not what I’m in the mood for today.
I don’t know what I’m in the mood to write about.  
I could write about the shit load of stupid today in the world.
The guy who decided to impress his girlfriend by fending off an attack
Or the people who got fired over a tweet.
But I’m not in the mood for a lengthy discussion about that either.
I feel more like this:
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Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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