And Let the Teen Years Commence…..


DJ turns 13 today.


Teen being the key part of that word.

Where did the time go?

She enters high school in a little over a year.

She enters college in 5 years.

Holy fuck!

Mom is kind of freaking out.  But, she is my kid – so, as I’ve mentioned before, I should likely be asking for forgiveness.  I gave another me into the world.

As a teen, I hope she continues to be as self aware as she is today.

I hope she find her decision making ability. Holy shit will that help.

I hope she continues to love learning.

I hope she continues to be herself – geek or not.

I love that kid.

I hope her next 13 years are filled with as much growth and fun and all as her first 13 years did.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Happy birthday to DJ!

    We’ve been joining you in a few short months as parents of a teen, I can sympathize with what’s freaking you out!

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