The Universe Provides…

I have a Daddy.
It’s kind of weird saying that as it was never something I had considered in the past.  It’s funny how the universe gives you what you need.
In my case, it was a Daddy.
What makes him a Daddy?
He takes care of me.  
He beats me.
He makes me giggle when he rediscovers that my feet are ticklish.
He knows how to push me.
He knows how to get me to flinch and squirm and wiggle.
He know what I need and how I need it.
He knows how to make me gush for him.
And how to make me scream between pleasure and pain.
And when it’s all over, he gives me water. 
He holds me.
He cuddles me.
He kisses me – my lips, my forehead, my face.
He covers me up.
He keeps me warm.
He strokes my hair.
He takes care of me.
And when we are out together, he protects me. 
He watches over me.
He stands between me and the crazies.
He keeps me safe.
I feel taken care of and doted upon – and it feels so right – so natural.  I can submit to him – give myself to his care – his care of my pleasure and pain – and know all will be well.  
My mean, sweet Daddy….
….just calling him that make me wet.
But he’s also my boyfriend.  After he beats me and fucks me, we sit and talk.  We sip wine or beer, and we tell stories and laugh while our hands on on knees, on shoulders, on each other.  We laugh, we kiss, we savor each other – basking in the glow we have with each other.  
Then it starts all over again, he becomes my mean Daddy. I am his dirty girl.  He makes me moan in pleasure and pain until we collapse into each others arms and let that wonderful energy flow between us as we kiss and cuddle until we hit a state in between sleep and sort of a dream foreplay.  
Before it starts again.
It is no wonder why I crave him.  His touch. His energy. His presence.  
And to further explore the debaucherous* depths of his mind.
I’m a lucky, lucky girl.
*Yes, I know I made up that word, but it seems to fit best.

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