It is easy to strip off one’s clothes.  To lay oneself physically bare before another person.

It is easy to spread one’s legs and show off a part of your physical self no one gets to see.

But it is harder to strip away the veneer.

It is harder to remove the facade that is you.

To expose your history – expose your story to someone.

It is hard to lay your soul bare before someone – to trust them with your truth, with your history, wkth your emotions, with the person you have to live with.

That is truly being bare.
That is truly being exposed.
That is truly showing who you are.

To be laid exposed before a lover – before a friend will always result in an intimacy that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

An intimacy that is unlike any other.

A deeper one that is beyond sex…..

….beyond kink….

One that is truth….

…that is love…..

…..that is more real and raw than anything else.

It may be scarier than hell to let someone see that side of you….
….to be that vulnerable before them.

But in that moment, you will find love.

You will find happiness.

You will find understanding.

Because no one goes about exposing these things without first assessing the person they are revealing it to.  Maybe it is the time – the moment – the situation – the build up where it needs to come out.

It doesn’t matter.

To trust someone with who you are is a beautiful thing.

For both the giver and the receiver.

That…..THAT is true intimacy.

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  1. Jack Napier says:

    I understand this…for me it’s music. My true partner would hear a song on the Radio or something and say, “JokerSATX would get into this tune” and understand.

    My ex wife was almost there after many years of being with me. My current wife has no clue.

    One can say that I am still keeping my options open for that person that is even interested in getting me thru Music.

  2. Smyles says:

    I’ve been a long time reader, and I’m not sure I’ve ever commented, but I just wanted to let you know that this post has a deeper impact than you may realize. My brother is going through a rough patch and trying to make heads or tails of his emotions and relationships… I sent him a copy of this post and it is just what he needed to hear. So, thank you!
    Continue blogging because you are making a difference in peoples lives…. plus I love reading! 🙂

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