Friday Friday Friday!

+ We are getting over-run with chicken eggs lately. The hens have decided it is spring and are laying accordingly.  This is great news as they are starting to enter that zone where they may stop laying.  Then the conversation begins about them becoming pets or food.  Yeah, I know it’ll be pets knowing the crew I live with.

+ I was recently introduced to a woman who is new to the kink community.  And who happens to be submissive to an old playmate of mine. This is the guy who ended things with me calling me irresponsible for playing with multiple people, blah blah blah.  Well, in a great twist of irony – it turns out what while he was calling me irresponsible, he already had her as a submissive.  For close to six months.  Interesting.  He at least knew I had other partners as I was open about it.  He, on the other hand, didn’t let either of us know about it.  Apparently communication was option for him while mandatory for me.  Interestingly enough, her comment was that he may not be happy knowing we have met.  Now I understand why.   Morale of the story: The truth will always come out. Always!
+ My chiropractor yesterday commented that I always seem to come in broken.  “Do you fall off a wall or get hit by a truck?” was his question before he “put me back together again.”  Hit by a SB should have been my answer. Instead I laughed at his joke – really laughing at the fact I knew why he was asking – and left shaking my head.
+ Glad to see Colorado is decriminalizing adultery and “promoting sexual immorality”.  Yes, you can be charged with adultery or helping someone married cheat.  Wonder how open relationships factor in?  Hmm….
+ Indigo has become quite the barista in our house.  In fact, she decided to teach DJ how to work the espresso machine.  We just have to be careful of her concoctions.  
+ I got a sweet message from a playmate of mine that is moving out of the area.  We had a great dynamic for play – and conversation – but never any other connection.  Which was fine for both of us.  He told me I was one of the most exceptional playmates he has had.  (No small comment from someone who has been doing kink for 30 years.)  It was quite unexpected and sweet.  We had both already mentally moved on, so it was great for him to reach back and say those words.  
+ The gimpy cat was chasing invisible things around the house the other day.  I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t a cat that got into the house or something.  To see him running and pouncing when he usually struggles to jump was weird.  Old animals are hard to watch.
+ Pet Peeve: People are who are late to meetings.
+ Another Pet Peeve: Those late to a meeting who get all pissy that things aren’t as focused as they would like them to be.  Well, maybe, next time, show up on time, and they won’t get off track.
+ Emmy Fact: My passwords are usually dirty.
+ Lastly: I bring you this site.  Enjoy!
Happy Friday!

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