Ramblings of Someone Who Is Avoiding Status Reports

  • I implemented a new chore system in the house this week. The kids want allowance, so I created a simply chore board with the help of SCRAP, a local reuse arts and crafts center.  My 10 year old and 12 year old are all over it.  Basically their allowance is determined by what chores they complete.  Chores include homework.  I saw the light bulb go on with the kids.  “Do you mean, if it takes me 10 min to do the dishes, I still get paid as much as if it takes an hour?”  When I confirmed it, she was like “why haven’t we been doing this daily?”  Welcome to what I’ve been trying to tell you, kid.  
  • Last night, I was at the munch with SB.  As we were sitting there talking as we normally do – with our hands on each other, another woman we both know came up to us.  She asked to sit on his lap as she told us her news.  Her news was good – necessary change in her life.  Then she looks at us and says “I know you are in a relationship with each other, but I’m willing to do anything in service to make ends meet – anything.”  And looks at him expectantly.  I just sat there giggling at the absurdity.  He shook his head at the fact she said it all without even thinking about what she was saying.  
  • This article yesterday made me laugh.  People are funny.
  • I have a handful of coworkers who drink their coffee with about a cup of sugar added.  Makes my teeth hurt from the sweet just thinking about it.
  • Awesome song. Go Listen!
  • The elliptical and I have become friends again.  Thank you Netflix for giving me TV series to watch while I’m doing it. And to my ipad for fitting perfectly onto the elliptical.  
  • Along the same lines – I have signed up for a 5k in early July.  It looks like a pretty fun race.  Night time – lots of cool stuff on the route, etc.  Oh, and they released the dates for the Color Run this year.  September it will be in Portland.  Good stuff.
  • I ate watermelon today.  Those who know me know I hate watermelon. It’s the smell.  It wasn’t too bad, but I think the fact it was sitting with a whole bunch of melon made it better as it didn’t smell or taste like itself. 
  • I hate it when I make an agreement with someone just to have them toss it out the window.  Drives me nuts!  Yes, this was a work related rant, but can apply to my personal life too.  Do what you say, people! It’s really that easy.
  • Ok, I guess I should do my status reports now.  I need a minion.
Happy Thursday!

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