Is It NRE or Is It Memorex?

My apologies to Memorex who, for those who didn’t live in the 80s, had a commercial of “is it live or is it memorex”?

NRE stands for “new relationship energy” – a phenomenon most in a poly relationship use to describe the new relationship attraction, if you will.  That honeymoon period, if you will, when it is all good and fabulous and great.  That period before reality sets in.

I an totally in the throws of NRE with SB.  Except, I don’t think it’s NRE per say.  I think it’s “OMG where has this guy been?!?!?”

Apparently across a table from me for close to a year.  But I digress on that one.

Over the past year, I have played a lot of game. Okay, over the past couple of years.  And as someone who fucking hates game playing in relationships, the fact I kept encountering them made me feel like I was the freak.  Like I had expectations set too high.  Like G was the only exception to the rule there was out there.

I have one friend who is that exception, but his relationship is not poly.  He like playing and pushing but not poly.  It’s fine. I appreciate him. I get it.  And we have a friendship that is unique.  I like it.

Enter SB.

Such a simple statement for such a big impact.

Holy fuck am I in trouble.

Each time we take another step in this developing relationship, we find we are that much more compatible.  We click.  To put it politely.  We see eye-to-eye on things.  It feels right.

That last statement is perfect.

I looked in SB’s eyes last night and told him it had been way too long since I felt this kind of a connection.  There are no games. There are no questions.  There is only honesty and attraction and a mysterious bubble that seems to come down over us in public situations.

He said he wondered the same thing about me.

I love that.

I can’t help but ask if this is NRE or something else.

While a week ago, I would have thought it was NRE. Today, I think it’s something else.  I’m sure that NRE is nice too, but this is something else.  A stronger connection.  A connection I am thoroughly enjoying.  A connection that G is enjoying grinning at me in support.  A connection that has me grinning like a loon while sitting there thinking about how great things are.

He said to me weeks ago that he was in big trouble.  When I asked what that meant, he explained, he could fall for me.

The feeling is mutual.

I’m in ginormous, HUGE trouble.

NRE be damned.

What do you think?

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