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I hit 20 project that I’m managing at work this week.  Yes, I am actively managing 20 projects.  They asked me if I have hit capacity yet. I told them I’m getting closer.  I have found that if my plate doesn’t overflow, my interest is nil.  Yeah, I’m weird.

I bought a pair of pink converse.  Quartz Pink to be exact.  They make me giggle.  I also put schwings on them.  They are perfect.

The dogs are going to be killed at the rate they are going.  You know the movie Grumpy Old Men? Yeah, that’s them.  They are growling over everything. Food. Sleeping arrangements. Where they walk. Everything.  It’s one thing when it happens during the day. It’s another when the growling and barking happens at say, 3am.  Those fuckers.

The mouse in the house count is up to 4 now.  Yes, four.  Part of it is an old house problem.  Old house – lots of ways for them to get in.  Layer on top of it that I’m surrounded by people who are fabulous composters which means mouse food.  Then we have the chickens.  Chicken food = mouse food.  Oh yeah, and I can’t forget my fucking cat.  She brings them in the house because they are her toys.  Then she loses her toy in the house.  Yeah.

We got rid of 15 boxes of books last weekend. 15 boxes.  Took our wall of book shelves from being over full to barely filed.  It was time for a purge.  We have so many books in this house. Not a bad thing, but they do get out of control.  What is funny is how many duplicate copies of books we found. Basically they were books we loved, loaned out, didn’t get back, bought another copy, then got it back.    G and I gave DJ a number of our favorite books that she is ready to read.  She has been devouring them which is fun.  And as we had hoped, she is being blown away by some.  It’s fun having her at the age where she can appreciate the books we love.

I like this. I wish it could really happen for the stupid computer users.

The pink tower of power as it is nicknamed.  With the moon rising above it. Taken with my iPhone.  I have a more zoomed in version of it, but I really liked this one – the colors of the sky.

Check out this article about the building they had to defrost. The photos are amazing!!  And watch the video of the defrost:

Such neat footage.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hubman says:

    That’s a cool video! I was wondering how in the hell a building became frozen like that and then I read the article, makes perfect sense now!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Jack Napier says:

    What do you do with the books you get rid of? Did you sell them? Donate them? Have you ever heard of a site called Bookcrossing dot com?

    Just wondering. Hope you have a great weekend!

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