A Change of Plans

He led me into his place – shutting and locking the door behind me before pulling me into his arms for a kiss.  His lips met mine, and the kiss started out as a greeting, but turned quickly into a more passionate kiss that left me moaning into his mouth.

We separated briefly.  He took my bag from me and set it down.  Then slid my coat off, placing it over the back of the chair.  Once I was shed of my outwear and all, he pulled me back into him for another kiss.
“It’s good to see you, baby.”
“It’s good to be here.”
“Come talk to me as I get ready to go.”
I slipped off my shoes before following him into his bedroom where he pulled me into him again – kissing me again.  Giving me a hug, he commented we may not get out of the room.
“But we are expected to be there” I reminded.
He patted me on the ass before telling me to take a seat on the bed.
He moved around the room getting ready to go.  Changing clothes, putting on shoes, and going through his toy bag – making sure he had what he wanted, I guess.
“Do you trust Daddy, baby?” he asked with that grin he gets in his eye.  
I cocked my head at him with a smile myself.  “Of course, Daddy.”
“Close your eyes.”
I did as I was asked, hearing him move about the room towards me before feeling his hands on my body.  I felt the cold on my wrists before hearing the clicking noise.  At the sound, I opened my eyes to confirm what had happened.  I was handcuffed.
“I think we’re going to stay in tonight.  Be a good girl and lay on your stomach now. On your knees – ass out.”
I rolled over on my stomach and got into the position he had told me to get into.  I felt his hands slide up my legs and under the hem of my skirt as he slid the skirt up and over my ass.  
“Mmm…my dirty girl is not wearing panties. I like that.”
He pushed my legs further apart, “open up those legs for Daddy – let me see all of you.” Then I felt him spread me apart even further – examining my cunt and ass.
“Someone is a juicy girl” he chuckled as he saw my wetness on my thighs.
I moaned as his actions increased my arousal.
The sound of his hands on my flesh filled the room as he began warming up my ass and thighs.  The spanking assumed a rhythm as he worked me over.  The swats were hard, then soft -the mix of thud and sting was perfect.  All I could do is wiggle and moan under his hands.
“Were you a good girl and brought what I asked with you?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
I heard him leave the room as he sought my bag.  Then from the other room, I heard ‘mmm….someone brought Daddy choices.”
I felt the plug he had found and selected slide from my pussy to my ass before he shoved it home into my ass.  The sudden feeling of it stretching me wide – with little lube – made me gasp as I fought to relax to accommodate it.  
“Good girl” he said.
I heard him shuffling through his bag before coming back to where I was at the bed. Then glanced over to see him set out what he brought back.  A flogger, a paddle, and a cane were the few things I saw.  
“Sit up – let’s get you undressed.”
I got up on my knees feeling the plug push into me as I shifted positions.  He slid my dress the rest of the way over my head, getting it as far as it could given I was still handcuffed.  Unhooking my bra, he did the same things – but not before squeezing my nipples hard, pulling and twisting them, until my moans and cries filled the room.  
“Okay, now you are ready. Back into that position, baby.”
Just as I was getting back into the position, I felt his flogger slide over my back and ass and legs.  Not striking my skin – just caressing it – letting me feel what was going to be warming me up even more.
The flogging began slowly – not too hard and not too soft – on my back and my ass.  The rhythm felt good and I began to move under it – with that constant reminder of what was in my ass.  Then the intensity of the flogging grew.  His blows became more precise – finding the exact spots he wanted to hit – making it sting or thud – making me gasp and moan in surprise.  
Occasionally he would pause and let his hand slide over my warm, red skin.  He would touch the plug in my ass making sure it was secure.  His fingers would touch my pussy – spreading the wetness around my clit.  He would pull and tug at my lips before coming around to have my lick his fingers clean before kissing me hard and deep.  Sometimes he would pinch my inner thigh making me giggle and squirm.  Other times, he would pinch and pull my nipples – making me cry out in that weird mix of pleasure and pain.
He switched to his paddle – a leather paddle with studs on one side.  The first strike his one part of my ass, but the second landed across both cheeks as well as driving the anal plug deeper into my ass. 
He chuckled, “Did you like that, baby?  Did Daddy get your attention?”
“Yes, Daddy.” I was barely able to say before the paddle found its target again and again.  Then he picked up the cane doing the same.  Each time that a strike came across that plug in my ass, it seemed I would jump a little more.  
He reached between my legs finding how wet I was.  
“Yeah, Daddy is definitely going to keep his dirty girl right here tonight.”
Yeah, I wasn’t going anyway – even without the handcuffs.

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