Post #2000

At least that’s what Blogger tells me.

As the elections wind down – and while some states are still counting ballets, I would like for people to see if they could pass this citizenship test. 
Why? Because it doesn’t matter what social network I would visit, the level of ignorance about US law was astounding.  While I’m all for freedom of speech, I do believe stupidity should be painful. And yes, I know – common sense is not very common.
But I will have to celebrate at least two victories – victories over the ignorance two people running for office showed while explaining their views on rape.  Thank goodness for common sense in those states because neither were elected.  Dumb asses.
And same sex marriage appears to be a big winner.  Finally!  Hitch yourself to the person you love – not just because that person has the opposite plumbing that you do. 
Work celebrated a milestone yesterday – we finally went live with 3 more countries on the system.  Only five months late.  But it went live so quietly – it’s kinda weird.  I’m just happy I get to close off 3 project plans.  Good stuff!
Things I learned driving my jeep to work today:
1. Boots with a heel make driving – specifically hitting the brake.  Yikes.
2. The fucking soft top is pissing me off – specifically the doors.  Took me 5 min to close the doors.  This is why I took them off this summer.
3. My heater works.
4. Defrost does not.
5. Windshield wipers are tricky to get on and even trickier to get off.  
6. Slowing down I should not take it out of gear like I do in a newer car. Yikes.
7. Bicyclists need to understand that I can’t always see them.  And I’m in a steel vehicle.  No good. 
8. It sure spits a lot of water out of the exhaust when it starts. (Sorry Lili.)
9. Boy is the inside of that jeep dirty (as the dirt marks on my new jacket point out.)
10. It’s still a fucking giggle to drive. 
Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Hubman says:

    I’m 132 posts behind you, congrats on #2000. As we both know, sticking to blogging for more than a little while is something few manage to do, and I’m glad you’re still at it!

  2. Fusion says:

    Congrats on 2000, I stopped short of 600. Missed three on the test so I feel American…
    And I’m also happy with the results of the election, proud to live in Washington.
    I remember riding in my neighbor’s old red Jeep as a kid, pretty wild ride in the days before seat belts!

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