Motivational Monday

Such a simple word – Forgive – with such a powerful impact.  To forgive (not forget per-say) is to move forward instead of being trapped in the past.  To forgive is to put your energies elsewhere  – on more positive things – instead of on the act that was done.  To forgive is to realize that someone else’s issues are not your issues or those issues are not present today.  Forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.  Move on.
It is easy to get frustrated that others have joy when you don’t feel it.  But do not begrudge them the joy they found. Figure out what you can do for YOU to be more joyful.  No one can bring joy into your life but you.  Everything else you think may do it is simply a placebo.  Be the joy you want to be in life.  Choose laughter instead of anger.  Choose to see the funny instead of the offensive.  Choose the benefit of the doubt instead of the worst case scenario.  Choose joy….no sorrow.  There is too little joy in this world somedays.  
When I read this to G, his response was, in his best Ru Paul voice, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anybody else!”  Yes. That too.
My dad used to ask this question when things were going poorly or when I was frustrated about a situation I found myself in. “What are you going to do about it?” was his paraphrased way of asking it. In his own way, he was teaching us that life can either happen to you where you find yourself a victim of circumstance, or you can do something to make it better.  I guess that is why when someone asks me why I keep trying to “fix” something – I can’t fathom why someone wouldn’t try to fix something.  What can YOU do to make it better?  What action can you take to improve the situation or change it?  Sometimes the action is nothing. Sometimes it is walk away vs feeding a negative situation.  But you can improve the situation. Never forget that.

What do you think?

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