Week 35-36: Card Reader Blues

After two weeks of not finding it, I found it.  So much for my “safe place”.  Ugh.

Anyway, here are the photos. A bit more post-processing than I usually do, but I took them with that in mind.

Made me think of Dana. 🙂
I liked the contrast of the dying with the fully bloomed.
The underside of the St John’s bridge. A place I am drawn to photograph.
The last of the roses.


  1. LOVE the dead flower. It’s like a sharp, satirical smack in the face to all those cheery/cheesy living flower photos that prolifically misrepresent real life.

    (sexylittleideas dot com)

  2. Love the bridge photo, what is it about them that draws people to them? I have taken many photos of them too. The supports, cables and iron grid work are always interesting to look at.

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