Under Orders

“When we get there, I expect you to suck another guy’s cock. And mine – but that is a given. I haven’t decided yet if I will give you to the masses.”

Our night started with that statement. A full moon, a horny dominant sadist, and a date. Yeah, I was in trouble.

We walked by the masses of tourists and college students in line to get the world famous donuts. We passed by the aerialists bar and the clubs with live bands. And headed towards the theater – a building that, on the outside, looks abandoned – but is still a fully functioning xrated theater. The sign at the door was simple – a pinup girl with ‘swingers welcome’ underneath. Then the rules – no cell phones and no means no. We paid our membership fee which was $5 – signed our name on the waiver and entered the theater.

The men were everywhere. About half had their cocks in their hands.  And upon seeing me, they swarmed as close as they were allowed to get. I froze for a moment realizing I had put my fate in his hands. He could toss me to them. Fuck.

“I won’t take you in there. That’s a montley crew of creepy guys. Let’s go in here.”

In here was the couples area – a place sort of fenced off from the rest of the place. And all of the single guys headed straight to the fence – the place the kept them from coming in while still watching. We were surrounded.

We sat on the couch – a term I use loosely to describe the long padded bench.   I sat curled into him. Using him to protect me from the horde. After he realized I was the only woman in the room, he whispered in my ear it was time to put on a show.

Eighteen men were line up silently to watch. He slid his hand up the skirt of my dress, parted my pussy lips, and slid into my cunt. I moaned into his ear, hiding my wad from the masses. The minute he fingers hit my g-spot, I was conflicted: he was going to make me squirt for their amusement. Fuck.  And he knew there s nothing I could do about it: Double fuck!

His expert fingers found the spot and he forced me to come. My moans rising above that of the onscreen actress. He told me I was a good girl, then said twenty-two. That was the number of men now at the fence.

He pulled my dress down and squeezed my nipples. I buried my face into his neck – unwilling to see those me. I was too afraid I may find a familiar face – not a good thing. So I buried my face into him as he squweed and twisted and pulled my nipples – each time soliciting a loud series of moans. Then he pushed me back, lifted my dress and slapped my pussy – hard.  I squealed at the unexpected sensation.

He knelt between my legs – pushing them further apart – before his mouth found my clit.  He sucked into into his mouth hard, then bit it as he slid his fingers back into my cunt.  I closed my eyes, arched my back and breathed hard while he resumed his mission to make me squirt.   He bit and fucked me with his fingers – my cunt and my ass.  He was determined to put on a show for these guys.  Giving them something better to watch than what was on the screen.

“It’s time for you to come for me, slut. Come!” He commanded.

And I came.  All over his fingers and all.

“Good girl!” was my reward as I recovered from my orgasm.


He helped me sit back up, and he put his arm around me pulling me close as I continued to recover.  He  lifted my chin so he could give me a kiss.  He paused between his kisses and said, “suck my cock”.

I knelt on the floor in front of him, lifted his cock from his pants, and started licking it just as he likes – while I looked up at him to see his reaction.  I was rewarded when I saw his eyes close, his head roll back, and saw his lips part as he moaned.

I kept licking his cock until it was fully erect, then took it into my mouth and started sucking it just like he has taught me.  I whirled my tongue around the head as I took him deeper and deeper.  I kept the pace steady but slow.  And with each stroke of my mouth, his moans increased.

“You are such a good little cocksucker.”

I continued to work him over.  Getting a count from him of our observers between his praises and orders.  He would periodically take his cock from me, and rub it on my face – my lips – as I looked up at him and he at me.  I could tell he was enjoying showing all that I was his to do with what he wanted. He slid his cock back into my mouth, put his hand on my head and pushed me to take it all into my mouth.  I did as I was instructed and moaned as it slid into my throat.  My moan triggered his – and the blow job recommenced.

This pattern continued until he pulled his cock from my mouth again, rubbed it on my lips, then he stroked it a few times and said “open your mouth”.  I did just as he came – I caught his load in my mouth, then wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked the rest of his cum from his cock.  Then I licked him clean as he recovered from his orgasm.  I laid my head on his leg, still kneeling at his feet until he pulled me to be next to him.

“Such a good girl.  Such a sexy lil’ slut”  Then he kissed me long and hard.

“Get dressed.  We are done.”

We both dressed and left.  Our audience still stroking their cocks as we departed – but their attentions returned back to the screen.

We went to the bar a few doors down – surrounded by hipsters out to hook up, we drank and talked.  After we were done with our final drink, he led me from the bar.  I suspected he was ready to go home.

“We’re going back.  You’re not done yet.”

We went back into the theater but this time he led me through another entrance – one that forced us to walk through the crowd of solo men.  I grabbed his hand and stayed close – knowing he would keep them away.  Hoping he would keep them away.

Back to the couples area we went.  This time there was another couple in there.  They started talking to us – a pair of swingers visiting from out of town.  As he talked to the other man, he pulled out his cock and told me to suck it.  On my knees I went again and started sucking his cock.  And the men continued to talk.  I was not listening – but focusing on him.

He grabbed me by the hair and lifted my face so I could hear him say  “go suck his cock”.

I raised to my feet and went to the other guy – knelt between his knees and started sucking his cock.  He guided my head – telling me where to focus – and forcing me to take his cock into my throat.  He stroked my face as I did it.  Giving me encouragement – telling me what a good job I was doing.

“I’m going to fuck you now.” He finally announced. I looked over at my Sir, and he nodded his head telling me to do what I was told.

The new guy slid on the condom, bent me forward, and fucked me from behind hard and fast.  He let his pleasure in me be heard – and my pleasure of the fuck was known by all as my voice seemed to echo off the wall I was facing.  I felt him slid his cock all the way out and press against the entrance of my ass.  “I’m going to fuck your ass now,” he announced.  Then he pushed into my ass – stretching it out. I was thankful I was so wet as he clearly was not worried about lube.  He grabbed my hips hard and pulled me onto his cock until I could feel his balls against me.  Then is started fucking me hard again.

I learned later that there were 30 guys there – wanting to be invited into the action.  But all they could do is watch with their hands on their cocks.

He pulled out, tossed the condom aside, and told me to suck him again.  I did exactly as instructed until his partner ended up tapping me on the shoulder – telling me we were swapping back.  So I went back and curled up next to a very relaxed and happy date.  He played with my nipples by pulling them hard and twisting them. Clearly he was enjoying giving the men a show.  Then he released them, pulled me in for a long hard kiss – and said it was time to go.

This time we actually left.  Both exhausted from the play.  My knees sore from floor I had been kneeling on most of the night.

He kissed me goodbye at my door and told me what a good girl I was – doing exactly as I was told.  I thanked him for taking care of me.  And we departed, and I realized as I entered the house how much fun it was to be under someone’s full control for the night in a situation like that.  I suspect I’ll be called to do that again.

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  1. OsShirt says:

    Gee, all I got was brats and potato salad! 😉

  2. Hubman says:

    I remember a mutual friend of ours tell me about sucking off 16 guys in one night at a party. As you started this story I wondered if that might be where it was heading, or perhaps a bukkake story.

    I like the image of a stranger fucking your ass better 🙂

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