When Good Chats Go Sideways

me: I sent you a giggle.
Lili: Ha! That’s awesome!
me: I thought so! Totally Domenico – a rainbow manatee! Just needs a tiara.
Lili: Totally! This needs to be a t-shirt.
me: That would be a great t-shirt.
Lili: And it wouldn’t be black!
Me: Or – it needs to be painted on black velvet. And hung above your bed. Can’t go to bed angry with a rainbow manatee overseeing things. Granted – you’d just giggle your ass off seeing it – then looking at Domenico.
Lili: LOL! OMG, I couldn’t go to bed at all!
me: Why do I envision Gixxer (her dog) at the foot of the bed growling at it as you giggle your ass off?
Lili: She would be cowering in the corner, under the covers.
me: After you leave the bedroom, you’d hear her thumping against the wall  as she attacks it trying to rip it from the wall to kill it. Then again, that would only happen if it was scratch-and-sniff – and it smelled like whiskey
Lili: Or Coors….
me: That’s it! Envision this – Black velvet, the manatee, and Burt Reynolds with his arm around the manatee.  Each holding a can of Coors.  And a cigarette. 
Lili: That’s just so wrong.  I KNEW that would come up!  
me: And a snorkel for Burt because -well, they’d be underwater.
Lili: And Burt in a speedo?
me: oh yeah…..a speedo with the american flag on it.  
Lili: No, the trans am screaming eagle on it!
me: Yes!! On the crotch!!
Lili: Yes!  (I think I threw up a little in my mouth)
me: That would scare Gixxer away
Lili: LOL
me: And we’re back to the crotch which brings us back to the manatee,  and Domenico who needs that image as a t-shirt or on the tank of his next motorcycle.
Lili: We have come full circle! Wow. OMG! In bad airbrush – yes!
me: Yes!! And gold flake!
Lili: Ew! My eyes!! Ouch. 
me: You’d need sun glasses when looking at it as it shines with awesome. 
Lili: Yeah. Blacked out bike, but with gold forks and swing arm. Burt in the screaming eagle speedos on the gold flake tank. OMG, I might just have to create this. It would be so….WRONG!
me: And Domenico with a motorcycle jacket with a rainbow manatee on the back and the words “real men have manatees” under it – riding it down the road. 
Lili: LOL! What’s really bad? I can totally see this happening
me: Can I take pictures?
Lili: Oh hell yes!
me: Woo hoo! Christmas cometh!
Lili:  I could totally just get a jean jacket and paint that hue manatee on it.
me: Ooo…even better – a jean jacket! Perfect!  He does have one more bike to build….bad airbrush here it comes.
Lili: Exactly! The bike needs a velvet seat
me: YES!
Lili:  And diamond tuck with gold buttons
me: Yes yes yes!!!
Lili: OMG, I’m squicking myself…
me: LOL It’s just is coming together so easily – Burt and a manatee – cumming together on Domenico’s bike. Eeew.
Lili: Eeew! There’s a saying that goes around our moto friends about blowing a seal. The response is that its just mayonnaise.
me: Eewww!
Lili: We will have to incorporate that somehow on the forks or course.
me: Splotch of random white on the tank or frame or forks.
Lili: Exactly! Heh, Domenico just walked by, very suspicious of why I’m giggling my ass off. So I just flashed him a boob.  
me: Good distraction.  Well, I was wondering what I should blog for tomorrow….I think this conversation is it. With names changed, of course.
Lili: …”to protect the innocent”
me: oh yeah…I’m sure he was framed….
Lili: On velvet….
I love my friends.
And just so you know – I tease because I love.  And Domenico is a good sport who will get me back, I’m sure. 

What do you think?

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