Motivational Monday

There is a time to tread water, in life, and there is a time to swim.  Make sure you don’t do either too much.  Know the difference.  And know when you should have done one versus the other.  Life is not about simply making it  thru the day, it’s about growing and living and experiencing.    Do that too.
When you do not act when someone is being treated poorly or disrespected, you are, in essence, sending the message that they should be treated that way.  Make sure your actions match your words and your feelings.  As someone I know continually shows me, you can point out people’s disrespect and do it in a non-combative way.  She continually shows how humor and subtly sometimes speaks louder than loud words.  
Loved this one when I saw it as it is so very true.  Sadness and other emotions come and go but unless it is joy and happiness, don’t let them build a nest in your hair and make you their home.  
Very important to remember.

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  1. Do you always save the best one for the last? Always seem that way to me. 🙂

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