Motivational Monday

It’s sometimes easy to fixate on the failure thereby overlooking the lesson there was in failing, getting up and trying again.  Focus on what you learned – not on the failed act itself.

I have been known to say something like this when things are looking dark and bleak – stay in the sun.  Don’t let darkness overtake you – stay in the light – live in the sun.  Choose it – and do it.

And to add onto this one – we must also lose our need to always be right.  We learn from wrong – we find adventure in wrong – we find opportunity in wrong – and we sometimes find the best things just because we do something wrong.  Don’t fear it. Don’t need to be right.  Just be what it is – and see where it leads you.

It’s funny how fundamental this idea is, yet how we are taught we should take care of others first. If we aren’t in good health, for example, how can we take care of others?  If we are not happy, how can we not see if others are happy.  If we are not fulfilled in our career choice, how can we advise others?  We cannot do any of those things.  So take care of you as the first way of taking care of others.  

What do you think?

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