Happy Birthday, Julia!!

Julia Child would have celebrated her 100 year old birthday today.  PBS did their remix – a remix they have done for Mr Rogers and Bob Ross before her.

I became more interested in Julia Child as I read Julie and Julia – a book about one woman’s attempt to cook every recipe out of Julia’s tome – Mastering the Art of French Cooking – in one year.  The book is awesome.  The movie is sweet, but not nearly as funny as the book.  Plus, the real Julie says the word Fuck as much as I do.  But I digress….

Julia served in the government where her records were classified until a few years ago. Many speculated she had served as a spy – not just a secretary – while living in Asia. One thing we do know is that she met and married her husband while there.

Julia fell in love with France – she loved the food. She learned to cook – then was determined to make it easy for others to learn.  Her book – Mastering the Art of French Cooking was her child – one she nurtured and grew until it took off.  Her book, her show, her teachings – they all made her exciting to watch.

So, raise a stick of butter in her honor today.  Or a glass of good wine.  For not only she is a famous culinary figure – but an amazing woman whose determination continues to inspire.

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