Brain Dump

The art opening is done.  It rocked.  Like I mean – really rocked.  Lots of people attended. The art looked fabulous thanks to the three wonderful women who supplied it.  The feedback I received was amazing.  Several women commented to me that they were thrilled to see women artists rather than the usual men who have been showing.  It was also amazing seeing the turnout from the local art community.  Good stuff.

Except – my usual post-art-show crash ensued.  This time it was worse simply because of the personal investment I felt in making it successful.  Two people I care about were showing – and I wanted it to be perfect and well attended.  I fretted, I tweaked.  I collapsed.  Sitting on the porch after returning home, it all came crashing out.  Thankfully G let me go. Then put me to bed.

Sleep made it all better.  And lots of yard work – then a low key evening with friends.  It was fun to sit around – talk – laugh – and just decompress.  As the kids ran all over the place.  Good stuff.

Today, I’m tackling blackberry vines – more like getting topped by them.  My fucking neighbor.  Ironically, the asshole got pissy about my decorative vine on my fence being seen from his yard, so he tossed it over into my yard. I figure he’s getting all of his blackberry vines back.  I have some good sized piles going. Dumbass.

Just when some of us were starting to complain about summer not being here.  Summer slams into us.  Nothing like going from 75 to 100 degrees in two days.

I henna’d my hair with Lush henna.  It looks good. I smell like tea.  It was a messy process, but I think I’ll do it again.  Worked fairly well – and no chemical feeling afterward. Win!

DJ’s testicle makes a guest appearance in about half of the vacation shots taken over the past week.  Hilarious.

Our neighbor reported a few weeks back that she had seen a rat in the chicken coop.  I found it yesterday…..or at least what remains.  Ick.

Looks like we will be pickling figs this weekend.  Yum!

We will be seeing the famous Osbasso soon.  He is finally coming to the area.

Ok – off to find a cool spot.  In Oregon, if it is hot by noon – it means it only will get hotter.  Our hottest part of the day is like 5pm….not noon like it was in the midwest.  Yeah, today is gonna be warm.

Happy Saturday!

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