A Well Needed Beating

Standing at the bar, I was having three different conversations as I was sipping my drink.  One guy came up, gave me a huge hug, then started talking to me about his photography.  Another came up, pulled me into a hug, kissed me, and started asking me about work.  The last one pulled me away from the other two: “There is my little slut.”

I felt good in my outfit that night – a black short dress with a low-cut v-neck with cuban stockings and black high heels.  But apparently others were enjoying my look too.

Including the important one – my date.

He spun me around so I was facing him, grabbed me around the neck and pulled me in for a kiss.  “You are a sexy slut” were the words that left his mouth as he bit and kissed my lips.

When he released me, he grabbed his bag and my hand – then led me to the play area.

“We’re going to use this cross tonight – the light is better, and I need to see you while I beat you.”

I stripped off my dress – leaving on my garter, stockings and shoes.  The look on his face showed me he was pleased with the fact I dressed for him.  He turned me around, running his hands on my skin, down my legs and stockings.  I heard him moan, “so sexy” before he pushed me against the cross and went to his bag.

He selected his softest flogger – nice but deceptive – a fact I had learned in the past.  His strokes with it carefully caressed my body – warming it up for later – when nice would turn evil.  The strikes on my skin with the flogger began matching the beat of the music.  And my body swayed to the music and his flogging.

I should have known not to get comfortable.  But I did, and the hard strick of the flogger – stingy, not thuddy – brought me back to the moment before he resumed his pace.  Sting mixed with thud.  Fast strikes mixed with slow.  And just when I matched his pace, he would change it up.  A new toy – a cane or a single tail or a different flogger.  Or he would stop, pull me back to him, and bite me hard.  Then he’s push me back to the cross – and strike me hard – taking my breath away. I’d squirm and wiggle and then assume the position again as he resumed his assault on my body.  This became almost a dance between us as he pushed me hard – making me react in entertaining ways – knowing I wouldn’t cry uncle.

He stopped it all, told me to get dress, and clean up our place.  I followed his instruction, then he pulled me behind him.  “I need to fuck you.”

We found a room in the back, he shut the door and told me to take off my dress as he disrobed.

“Suck my cock.”

I knelt before him and slowly licked his cock – root to head – taking my time to explore it with my tongue before I took it into my mouth.  I felt him grab a handful of my hair and start controlling my pace, then when he was ready, he held my head still and began fucking my mouth.

“Get on the bed – on all fours,” he commanded.  He swatted my ass hard, and slid a couple fingers into my soaked pussy.

“That’s my sexy little slut – all nice and wet for me just like I like you. Good girl!”

I could only moan in reply as his fingers found my g-spot and you forced me into a gushing orgasm, then another one.

“That’s my dirty slut. Now put the condom on me so I can fuck you.”

I did as I was directed, then he pushed me flat on the bed and entered me in one stroke.  He fucked me hard, spanking me harder as he went.  I was moaning from the pleasure and pain – clenching onto his cock hard as though that was going to help.

He pushed hard into me, leaned down and growled into my ear “we have an audience, my little slut”. I looked over and noticed the window to our room was wide open, and we had onlookers.  He chuckled before he bit my shoulder – then started fucking me hard again and resumed spanking me as he did.

He slowed down his pace ceasing the spanking. I took that moment to catch my breath.  Knowing he was not done, but not knowing what was next.  But the moment to catch my breath was not then as he traded spanking for squeezing and twisting my nipples as he growled things into my ear – making sure I was aware that I was his little slut.

The talk, the nipple torture and the perfect pace of his fucking brought me on the verge of another orgasm.  I started to crash into a full orgasm when his orgasm his too.  He released on nipple choosing to slap my ass hard as he came.

We both collapsed into a heap on the bed, his condom covered cock still inside me, as we both struggled to catch our breath. He started stroking my skin lazily as I came back to earth.  “I love your warm ass. Some evil man make some marks on it,” he commented with a chuckle.

“No idea who did that” was my smart-ass reply.

A laugh and a swat was my reward.

Our audience eventually left as we got ourselves pulled together.  Our night did not end there. Instead we walked around the club people watching – and he took advantage of the fact I was sans panties.  But that’s another story.

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