Motivational Monday


First off, I’m going to point you to yesterday’s post.

It’s easy to feel like worrying will change things. All it does is redirect your energy meaning you are spending more time on something that cannot fix things and less time on the things you can do.
This reminds me a bit of RuPaul’s saying: If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else?  It’s a great question.  If you are not sure of yourself, you cannot expect others to love you first.  Love yourself. Put yourself first, at least, sometimes.  Realize what you need.  If you can’t, no one else can – and you can’t expect them to know.
Remember this. Give your energy to the ones that inspire you as it gives them back what they give you.
Reminds me a bit of Pollyanna, but is so true.  We see what we look for. If we want to find bad in a situation, we will find it.  Look for good. 
Listen to your heart.

What do you think?

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