Goes and Flows


A friend of mine invited me a few months ago to take a tantra class with her.  Her friend teaches them on rare occasion, and the rare occasion had arrived for her next teaching.  A six-month, once-once-a-month class in white tantra.

Tantra is often associated with sex, but, as I’ve learned, it is greater than just sex.  It is about self awareness, energy, slowing down, alignment and breathing.  As I oversimplify something that is far from overly simplistic concept.

Last class, she said something that has resonated with me so much so that I have repeated it over and over and over again.  “Energy flows where your attention goes.”

Her point when she made it was simply – if you put your attention to the negative, your energy begins feeding it.  If you put your attention towards positive things, that is what your energy goes to.  Her greater point was “pay attention to what is getting your energy.”

I loved this idea.  When people have told me I should hate, I often explain that hate is too much work.  I have said it requires too much of my energy to keep up those walls when my natural inclination is to toss the walls aside.  A few people have told me I was crazy for not focusing on the negative, but this idea she put forth was exactly why I don’t do it.  I don’t have that sort of energy to put there.

But that concept is greater than that.  When people around me at work are fixed on the negative, I often get annoyed because I have better things to spend my energy on……my attention too.  When I advice people close to me to not spend time and energy on the “what ifs”, I say it because they are feeding negative instead of focusing on the positive.

Now I think there are times to ponder the important things – positive or negative.   Don’t get me wrong.  It’s just when solving a problem, are you putting the energy to solving it or towards being frustrated at what is happen.  In other words, where are your energies going?  Be honest.

What do you pay attention to?
Is that where you want your energy to go?

This goes for people too.
Are you putting your attention to the people who bring good in your life,
or drama?

Are you putting your attention to the people that matter in your life,
or who you know won’t matter in a year?

Your energy should go to those things and those people who are important and truly matter.

So make sure that’s where your attention goes.

What do you think?

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