“I’m home…ahhh” was the text I received while bike riding Sunday.

He was back from vacation.  I had missed him.  His random texts that put a smile on my face.  The coffee dates in the middle of our work day – where we meet at a cafe and hold hands under the table.    It surprised me how much I had missed him.  I hadn’t expected it.

I replied with a celebratory text.

“Does someone need a mean man to hurt her? Is that why you are happy?”

I sincerely was happy because he was back again.  But hey, I’d go for a mean man hurting me too.

We tried to negotiate a coffee date – but to no avail.

“Ok – if coffee doesn’t work – will the sex club at 8:30pm work?”

Oh fuck yes.

I think that was my response.

“Is my sexy lil’ slut horny?”

Yes.  Of fuck yes.

“Well, then we are going to meet at the club. I’m going to drag you into a room and force my cock down your throat.  While I fuck your mouth,  I’m going to shove my fingers into your pussy. Then, when I’m ready, I’m fucking your ass.”

I read the message twice.

Squirmed in my chair.

Tried not to grin like a fool as I wrote back:

“your sexy lil’ slut wants her mouth fucked by you and her ass fucked.  please? Wednesday night?”

His response was a chuckle – or at least – I could hear his chuckle in his response:

“Well my horny lil’ slut will get what she needs.”

I crossed and recrossed my legs – crossing them tightly as I squirmed in my seat.

“I won’t have my toys with me, so I’ll have to use my hands and mouth to be mean.   But I think you need a good spanking. I”m sure you’ve been a bad girl while I’ve been away.”

Of course his hands and mouth would work.  I squirmed some more and bounced at the idea of having his hands around my throat – feeling his teeth bite into my flesh – trying not to flinch as he slaps my breast – bending me across his lap as he spanks my ass.  Oh yeah, I needed time with him.  Just the thoughts of the possibilities made me excited.

“Let me know if something comes up” was his final instruction.

“It would have to be something monumental for me to cancel.”

“LOL – ok horny girl, I’ll take care of you tomorrow.”

I can’t wait.

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  1. Absent friends are always welcome when they come back. Have fun.

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