Friday Ramblings and Other Things


  • In case anyone was wondering after my last post.  Yes, he did all of those things to me – and more.  Yes, it was a great night.  Yes, I did send him a text when I got home telling him I was his well satiated lil’ slut.  And yes, I am still finding sore spots on my body.  No visible bruises – but, as he likes to point out, a really good sadist knows how to leave his mark behind without it having to be visible.  Ah, truth in advertising. Love it!
  • I feel like the #1 draft pick at work this week as the reorg has resulted in the directors getting together in one room and horse trading over me.  How did I find out this was happening? Every day this week, I have had another job only to get a new one hours later.  Finally, my current boss snagged me and asked “what do YOU want to do”.  By then, I was so amused by the options – I told her I’m curious to see who wins.  Hey, if you can’t laugh…
  • And the winner was announced to me yesterday – the director who happens to be the husband of a CIO I used to work for.  He’s a pain in the ass, but I can manage him which is probably why  he won.  And the project – a very technical one that is making my inner geek girl very happy.  Good stuff.
  • G is at a training class for the next three days.  I hate sleeping alone.  The other person not there – no weight on that side of the bed – no one stealing covers – no soft snores coming from that side.  Funny how there were times early on where I craved my own bed.  Now I have a hard time adjusting to it.
  • My brother when here a week ago demanded that we brew the beer I’ve had set to brew but hadn’t had time.  I get a voicemail from him not asking “how are you” but saying “your beer should be ready for it’s secondary ferment. Move it to the carbouy”  So glad he is calling about  the beer. Makes me laugh.  
  • Fun times last night at a different munch where a friend was celebrating his birthday.  Anytime I hear the word Manatee now, I will giggle my ass off.  A joke easily not explained other than people are funny.
  • And I posted this on my FB profile today.  Some motivation for the weekend….
 And I need this one for my cube at work….
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Hubman says:

    Other than missing G, it sounds like you’re doing well! And I love the 2 comics, I saved both of them

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