This has been the week of exhaling for me.  The project went live after 6-8 weeks of 60hr work weeks.  I had a good talk with a friend – a needed one that I think cleared the air on a lot of things.  The gallery show that I lead the committee for hosting was done.  And a few other things came to fruition.

And I exhaled.

I ended up working from home on Thursday since I had a mid-day appointment.  Then, I slept Friday.  My body telling me that it was time to take care of me now that everything was done.  And take care of me is exactly what I did.

This is the first weekend where I will not check email. I will not think about work outside of celebrating the fact I do not have to think about work.  I’m going to relax. And unwind. And laugh. And be me.  And just be.

I get to spend time with my kids without having them ask when I have to work.

I’m going to cook.

I’m going to watch movies.

I’m going to just exhale.

And breath.

‘Tis what I’ve needed.

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  1. OsShirt says:

    About time, woman!

  2. Hubman says:

    I hope this weekend gives you the relaxation time that you need!

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