What a Wednesday!


The post I made Tuesday? About my daughter’s testicle?  Apparently the company posted a link to it on their Facebook page.  Yay traffic. Even if it almost gave me a heart attack.

So, here is the warning, as I had several people comment they would come back – I am not appropriate for everyone. I talk about my life which includes but is not limited to: family, kids, sex, work, kinky stuff, rants, brain dumps, and non-traditional relationships.  While I appreciate your love on the one post, be forewarned. It can get a little sexual too.

Work is a bit crazy again.  We are going to go-live in an attempt to go live #3 or 4 or 102.  I’m losing track.  Ironically my direct managers – both of them – are not in the office right now.  And left me basically in charge.  You could almost hear the internal cheers of their peers.  I don’t let things drag on – which is one of the main reasons they like me.  Also, I am technical.  My peers push just to push.  Not a good skill.  So it should be interesting.

What do you think?

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