Motivational Monday

Sometimes you have to go way outside of the box to find purpose – to find your place in the world or in the community – to find happiness.  While others may make it look easy – they may also be boring and common in their pursuit.  Make yours anything but common.  Make it extraordinary!

When I saw this image, I immediately loved it.  It is easy to hate your body when it isn’t perfect. But that’s like hating someone who isn’t perfect or something that isn’t perfect instead of finding the beauty that is there.  Don’t hate your body – embrace what it is.  The good parts. Doesn’t mean you can’t strive for health or fitness, but hating it along the way isn’t helping.

You won’t be remembered for what you owned or the ordinary – but the stuff that is remarkable.  The stuff memories are made of.  Go out and do that instead of just going through the motions.
Moments will always be there. Things will not.  Moments are forever.  They bring smiles to your face. They bring laughter into your heart.  They may bring a tear.  But they are what life is truly made of – not things.
And because every Monday should have a light note….
Think of that next time you walk by a restroom sign.
Happy Monday!

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  1. I love the last one! Hehe!

  2. caliga_liber says:

    I also laughed really hard at the last one. Good find!

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