40 Happy Things


Since yesterday’s post was so negative, I thought I would balance it off with some positive.  So, we are doing 40 Happy Things – or things that make me happy.

1. Laughter with friends at the munch.
2. Friends who can pull of up the exact dialog of a conversation and act it out in all of its parts – so we can all laugh.
3. Cuddles with my trans friend.
4. Hugs and kisses from sexy kinky women.
5. Hugs from the kids.
6. My cat crawling on my lap and happily purring on me.
7. Feeling better.
8. A rainbow as it is pouring down rain and the sun is shining.
9. A clean house.
10. All the laundry done.
11. Great comments from new readers.
12. Seeing the plan come together.
13. Seeing a person standing naked in their hotel window – and we are seeing it from our conference room across the way.
14. Cherry blossoms.
15. Starting the job as a full time employee with benefits!!
16. Having the Starbucks guys flirt with me as I come by to get my soy chai latte with no water.
17. A hug and a kind ear from a dominant guy at the munch.
18. New rope.
19. Saying something in a meeting only to find out later that it was the exact point your boss has been trying to make and you just made a public declaration in support of it.
20. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
21. Date night with the husband.
22. A good book.
23. Making someone laugh over text message.
24. Finding words that speak to you and affirm you.
25. A good beer.
26. A bruise that reminds you of a good time.
27. Making someone laugh so hard that they collapse onto the floor.
28. Feeling better after having felt sick.
29. Getting a package in the mail.
30. Seeing a movie you have been wanting to see.
31. Knowing there will be sun on the weekend.
32. Daydreaming about driving a fast car.
33. Driving my car fast up a curvy road.
34. Watching the British version of Top Gear.
35. Getting love from my yellow lab.
36. Knowing I can start riding my bike to work.
37. Getting texts from a friend of love and hug and kisses.
38. Knowing zombie movies will be happening this weekend.
39. Eating the first asparagus of the season.
40. Fresh eggs.

There you go.  You can’t always look at the negative part of life.  You have to savor the great parts.
Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. Fusion says:

    Congrats on the full time with beni’s. That’s gotta be a nice feeling!

  2. Fusion says:

    Congrats on the full time with beni’s. That’s gotta be a nice feeling!

  3. Hubman says:

    I need to do a ‘things that make me happy’ post, it’s good to refocus on the good things.

    And congrats on the move from contractor to full-time employee!!

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