Week Wrap Up


  • A friend is a person who listens to you. A good friend is one who hears the smart ass comment you just made about the sadist and tries to get you in trouble with said sadist so that he will smack you with his single tail.  
  • And a good sadist knows it doesn’t matter what is said – if anything – because it’s still fun to smack you with a single tail.  (Thankfully I was standing where I was because it saved me from getting a bad lash with it.)
  • I have wood  – not a euphemism….its in my driveway.  And for the first time in years, I was not the one who stacked it.
  • I offended some people I worked with yesterday.  I laughed at something that happened.  They were ready to walk out the door – and I laughed my ass off.  I’m sorry – I can’t take it personally.  If I did, I would go crazy. But it’s a job. I like my paycheck. Shit happens.  I like my paycheck.
  • It snowed yesterday. We woke up to snow on the ground. And G rolled over and went back to sleep. Why? A 2hr late opening. Fucker.
  • I had a good and long overdue talk with a friend.  It was good.  It was necessary. I feel much better about things. 
  • I did a strange thing yesterday – I met a guy for coffee and negotiated a kink scene.  Why is that weird? I put it on my work calendar – and met him at a coffee shop. It was great. We talked whips and kinks and what the play will be.  I’m giggly and wiggly just thinking about it. There is a great upside to playing with someone who has been kinky throughout the years. The stories are great – and, well, he’s definitely got some tricks up his sleeve.  
  • Mom’s birthday is this weekend. After lots of fighting with my brothers, I won the debate. We are going out to dinner – the gift is going to be what I suggested.  And I’ll be dealing with the cake.  
  • G is addicted to Top Gear.  I do worry, however, because he is getting ideas. Like trips on the Pan American Highway – and trips to the holy lands…..in a volkswagon.  Lord help us.
  • I had two scenes at a play party the other night. The boy that I’m a bit smitten with caned me with his brand new cane.  I realized later after he walked me to my car and kissed me good night that he came there to play with me only.  The second scene is with a guy who has been wanting to scene with me for a while.  Already floaty from the cane, he flogged me, spanked me, used his knives on me, and used a paddle.  I was – well – totally flying high.  Then I got molested by  the pretty woman of a sadist. Awesome. 
Happy Friday!

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