Wednesday Wanderings


DJ is 12 today. 12. How did I get a 12 year old?!  A 12 year old that is at least an inch or two taller than I am.  And steals my shoes.  And it begins.

My in-laws are on my shit list right now.  Why? G decided to be honest with them about the fact that their grandkids do not enjoy their company. They nitpick everything about them from what they wear to how they do their hair to how they tell a story. DJ comes back and tells everyone about her annoying grandparents won’t even let her tell a story without correcting her grammer every two words. My kids are not horrible about grammer, but they do make the common mistakes.  Needless to say, it pissed them off – and they said if he did his job as parent, they wouldn’t have to do it.  Fuckers.

Work has been incredibly funny lately. People get all upset at the environment. I think they take it too seriously.  I mean, it’s a fucking paycheck folks. Jaded? Yeah. Can’t help it though. Perspective is good.

What do you think?

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