Falling Apart


He had asked me recently why we hadn’t met before now.

And the answer I couldn’t give him without causing more questions was “because sometimes things have to fall apart before they can come back other things can come together”.

It was an epiphany I had as he said it to me.  All of these months while I have been frustrated with how my life has gone down a path I have not wanted.  All of this wondering what I did to piss karma off – and it was the universe preparing the way.

Just like my previous job – the one that ended this summer after it was supposed to be a temporary to permanent position. I never got hired – but instead got the boot.  I have since found out they have laid people off in IT.  That could have been me.

Then, I didn’t get the job I had a great interview.  I have since found out they are having some major issues.

Now I’m in a job that is crazy, but right up my alley.  Lots of fix – lots of chances for me to fix it.  Good stuff – even if they are nut jobs.

A lot had to fall part for that to fall in place.

What do you think?

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