A Trial Run

I walked into the coffee shop at the agreed upon time and found him sitting in the corner with a cup of coffee in front of him and his nose in a book.  He looked up at the sound of the door closing, his eyes lit up as he saw me, and he carefully laid his bok next to his coffee on the table.  I walked up to his table, he rose, and we embraced in a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Let me grab a coffee, and we’ll talk” were the simple words I spoke as I went to collect my coffee.
I sat across from him and sipped my coffee as we exchanged pleasantries.  We were both anxious, in an excited way, and I would later find out from him that the formality about which we were starting our negotiations was not something either of us do frequently.
“What do you like? What are your boundaries?”
I launched into my usual response to these questions. I’m an easy negotiator. I’m open to most things except the things most dungeons do not allow in their spaces. I believe in dynamics meaning I don’t expect what will work for other will work for him, or visa versa.  I believe communication in scene is important.  I will provide feedback without derailing a scene.  
He responded in like.  “I like repeat customers, so I will always listen to my bottom and not push harder than is allowed.”  
We then exchanged stories. He shared with me his love of crops and whips and his favorite whip.  I shared with him my own likes and preferences.  
He told me about the love he has for his wife.  I shared with him the journey G and I had been on.  
We talked almost as old friends.  And the more we talked, the more I enjoyed his energy – enjoyed his love of live – enjoyed his perspective.  And I recalled quickly why I enjoyed chatting with him at various events.  
The plan was to scene at the upcoming kink conference and play party.  But we had a a chance, it seemed, to test things out beforehand.
When I ran into him and his wife at the monthly kink party, I greeted him with a hug and kiss.  His arm wound its way around my waist as he introduced me to his wife.  After the usual “how do you do”, I went back to my host job.  
Throughout my 90 minute shift, I would occasionally feel an arm slide around my waist as they walked through.  And when my shift was about to end, he came by – told me to claim a massage table in the dungeon – and walked his wife to her car.  I grabbed a drink and sat waiting on the table as instructed.  
He walked over, grabbed me by the hair, pulled my head back and started biting my neck. I melted into the table.  A passionate kiss followed, and he instructed me to find a sheet or something as he got his stuff.  I obediently went off to find one and returned as he was shuffling though his bag.  After covering the table with the sheet, I started to undress.  He grabbed me again, kissed me hard, and lifted a breast out of the bodice of my dress. 
“Ooooo, your nipples are already hard.” 
He seized a nipple with his fingers – and squeezed – putting more and more pressure on them as he went.  I moaned, I squirmed, I enjoyed the sensation as I leaned back on the table.  He brought his mouth to mind and kissed me deeply – biting my tongue.  I moaned into his mouth.
He released me long enough to allow me to finish getting undressed, then grabbed me by the hair, turned me around, and forced me over the table. 
His hands glided over my body as I wiggled into it enjoying the way his hand felt on my body.  He paused, then started spanking me – warming me up to what was to come.
He went through his whips – three different ones he likes to use.  He hit my ass – my back – my tits.  I enjoyed each in turn.  I hopped around – and moaned and swore and just as the intensity started to get too much, he would switch it to soft and sweet.  He would kiss me hard, stroke my body, and stroke my clit.  
He pulled out a cane and started striking my ass to the rhythm of the music playing.  The person playing next to us resulted in a swapping of canes and more fun.  I was in heaven.  He mixed up the sensations – scratchy with pain with sensual.  My nerves were firing all over the place.  
Things wound down, and I found myself dressed and leaning into his body as he held me close.  We talked. I stroked his back.  And he stroked my leg.  His hand drifted upward as he knew I was wearing no panties. Next thing I knew, he was stroking my clit – then slapping it hard.  He pulled me close and said “cum for me” was his command. He bit that spot where my neck meets my shoulder.  And I did.  Something I had never done before.  
Things did not end there, but I will say that in the end, things were good. A long scene where I got a variety of things – a sample pack of what was to come.  
“I think you will need your own toy bag at the play party.  What do you think of the violet wand?”
“I think I’ll be seeing what I think of it then.”
“Good girl.”

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