40 Things That Make Me Happy

I don’t often steal ideas or do memes, but I saw this title in my Twitter feed and thought it would be a great idea for a post.

  1. Cuddles on the couch with G.
  2. Witty retorts from the kids even if they are various flavors of “Yo Moe” jokes.
  3. Unexpected cuddles from my kitty.
  4. Hearing the girls singing along to the music as they do dishes.
  5. Sitting by the fire.
  6. Reading a good book.
  7. Getting unexpectedly funny emails from a kinky friend.
  8. Texts from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while but who I’m thinking about at that moment too.
  9. During the workday chats with a friend and the goofy directions it can take.
  10. Getting my fucking fucked up project plan to actually behave the way it should.
  11. Smelling spring in the Oregon rain and knowing it will soon stop.
  12. Daffodils in my flower bed opening.
  13. Driving fast on the windy road.
  14. A good hot cup of coffee.
  15. Dark chocolate.
  16. A hot bubble bath.
  17. Having someone else wash my hair.
  18. Listening to music as I knock off things on my to-do list.
  19. Finding out that the photograph I took is even more awesome than I imagined it would be as I took it.
  20. Seeing my arthritic yellow lab run after the girls like he is still a puppy.
  21. Cuddling under the down comforter on a warm day.
  22. Good friends and laughter.
  23. Seeing G all giddy about landing an interview with a comic creator.
  24. Digging in the dirt getting ready for planting.
  25. Seeing the hens sunning themselves in the front yard.
  26. The sun.
  27. The smell of hemp rope
  28. Hugs from people I care about.
  29. Kisses, on the lips, from women I care about as they say goodbye.
  30. Hearing Indigo on her pogo stick.
  31. Seeing DJ kick ass in taekwondo.
  32. That moment on a run when your body just works perfectly making it seem effortless.
  33. Open windows on a warm day.
  34. Seeing people I love do something they love.
  35. The twinkle in someone’s eye as they do something evil to someone who wants something evil done.
  36. Seeing two people love each other – and be totally into each other.
  37. A nice day at the ocean
  38. When someone strokes me like a cat – makes me want to purr.
  39. When I look at my kids and realize how cool they are.
  40. Clever but snarky signs.

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  1. John and Ann says:


    No beer on your list?

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