1.  Whining is not sexy.
  2. Emo is not sexy.
  3. Saying “I’m sorry” and explaining why? Totally sexy.
  4. Random “I’m thinking about you” – totally sexy.
  5. Random “I’m thinking about you” accompanied by a cock shot? Not always sexy.
  6. Owning your own emotional crap? Sexy.
  7. Trying to be the center of attention because someone else has it, and you don’t like it? Not sexy.
  8. Making someone laugh? Sexy.
  9. Treating someone like gold while fucking over your primary partner? Not sexy.
  10. Overreacting instead of asking questions or trying to help? Not sexy.
  11. Anticipating the needs of your partner? Sexy.
  12. Doing it without asking for acknowledgement? Totally sexy!
  13. Communicating? Sexy.
  14. Being a dick about things online? Totally NOT sexy.
  15. Being a good parent to your kids? Sexy.
  16. Finding beauty in what society deems not standard beauty? Very sexy.
  17. Accepting people for who they are? Sexy.
  18. Trying to change people? Not sexy.

What do you think?

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