Wednesday Wanderings

  • On Saturday, I attended a kink party that was celebrating the earliest form of Valentines Day – where it got its start – Festival of Lupercalia.  It’s a pegan celebration for the Romans in about the 3rd century.  Priests would sacrifice a goat (it’s always the goat who gets it), then use strips of their hide to chase after girls and flog them.  Gotta love those kinky Romans.  A local kink group celebrated it on Saturday. I was really looking forward to the group flogging.  But I had a scene with a very cute guy who had me in a great floaty space by the time the group flogging came around. I got my own flogging, just not as was intended. 
  • I was sick yesterday.  The irony? I may have caught it from the guy I wrote about yesterday.  My friend was sick with the same thing I think I’m fighting.  I may have caught it through him.  I guess this my penance. Ugh.  Tomorrow morning, I’m off to the to doctor.  Gotta get well.  I haz plans….of the kinky kind.
  • We watched Grease last night.  And I sang along.  G laughed at me.  I can’t help it. I’ve seen it a million times.  The first time was at the drive-in theater.   
  • Oh, back to the guy I wrote about yesterday. I’m not feeling too guilty about the whole situation. I will live.  She will have issues until things get resolved – and for that, I am pissed off at him.  Fucker. 
  • I have to read Sherlock Holmes more carefully now.  I have an upcoming scene with a guy who is a Holmes nut.  I joked that I got the impression there could be a quiz during the flogging.  He confirmed there could be.  Damn is he a sadist! I need to do enough reading that I’m not overly easy. 
  • DJ got an F on her report card? Why? Because she refused to fill out the reading journal.  So a big ole F on the report card.  “But it’s hard” was her response.  Last night, my response was “fill out your reading journal or I take your laptop”…..yeah, she’s filling it out now.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. OsShirt says:

    I really dislike the movie ‘Grease’. I’ve been a musician for 3 different stage productions of it, and the movie barely follows it. Sadly, the most popular songs from the movie weren’t even written in the musical. And the best songs from the musical are barely heard in the movie (like background radio music). Not a fan at all.

    Though I could probably sing along with every song, word for word…

  2. It is our job as parents to take away the important things when the children decide school shouldn’t be done the to their full capabilities. I’m glad she understands the benefits now. 🙂

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