Rope Drunk

“Are you ready?” he asked as he came back up to the front to find me.  My volunteer shift was over, so it was my time to go play.

“I am. Where are we going?”

He led me back to the private room where there was a stripper pole on a stage with theater chairs.  “Let’s go in here so we can have some privacy.”

We went into the dark room that was only lit by the disco ball in the corner. While he started pulling out his rope and the blanket on which I would sit, I started stripping off my clothes until I was down to my panties.

He came up behind me and pulled me against his body – hugging and rubbing my shoulders and arms.  I leaned back into him and softly moaned.  Being treated so carefully felt good – especially after the long day.  Then he led me by the hand and had me sit upon the sheet.

His connection to me as he started laying the rope on my body was reassuring  and relaxing.  The physical contact that was more than a hand on my body but his body on mine.  He wrapped my body in his rope – putting me in a simple chest harness to start.  The mellow music drifted into the room.  And our conversation of relaxing things set the mood as the scent of the hemp rope started filling the room.

After putting the first bundle of rope on my body, he checked and rechecked the wraps making sure they were not too tight or too lose – making sure they laid flat before he continued, but not before he stroked my bare skin.

He grabbed another bundle of rope – this one a different color, then started tying a different kind of harness onto my body so he could put me into a hog tie.  And as he slowly dragged the rope over my body into the harness, I started noticing the rope was dragging across my erect nipple.  That extra friction across the nipple caused me to squirm a bit.  And the squirm was rewarded with a chuckle, “my squirmy bottom is back.”

He helped me lower myself down onto my tummy since my arms were tied securely behind my back.  Another bundle of rope was pulled out – and he began wrapping my ankles and feet.  I fought to keep from squirming as he tickled my feet as he dragged the rope across them.  I had hoped he had not noticed, but once he had me hog tied, he went back to my feet and started stroking them.  I squirmed again as much as I could being tied tied tightly into a position.  He chuckled again, then started stroking my legs, checking ropes along the way, until he reached my ass.  He swatted my ass a few times causing me to squirm and wiggle and laugh a bit before he resumed checking the rest of the rope on my body.

He massaged my neck for a minute, then grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.  I love having my hair pulled, and he did it perfectly.  The sudden tightness of the rope as he pulled me into a slightly different position – the hand in my hair – and I could not contain how good it felt.  I felt my body relax as a long exhale escaped my lips.  Then he released my hair allowing me to relax for a minute before he repeated the process again and again making me relax more and more with each release.

He began to untie my legs.  “I have another tie I’d like to try” was his reason.  And as he released parts of my body from the hogtie, he rubbed my muscles back awake, then helped me back to a sitting position.

The new rope was longer, and he carefully measured how he was going to tie me into the next harness.  I was still partially bound – a feeling I enjoyed as it kept rope on me as he started adding more.  I watched him as he thoughtfully began wrapping my body in his rope – weaving it in and out of itself to create the tightening effect.

“I need you on your knees” he said – and I complied.  My suspicions as to why he needed me in that position were affirmed as his fed the rope between my legs and drew it up in back – pulling it tight so the was nestled next to my clit.  I squeaked as he drew it up tighter.  “I like that” was his comment as he added some slack than did it again and again.  Finally, he found the right tightness, tied it, then had me sit back down as he resumed his work.  Sitting down, I squirmed and wiggled as the rope put pressure on my clit.  Enough pressure to tease but not necessarily make me cum.

He added even more rope as he ran out.  Binding my body in even more rope.  Then when he was done, he started the process of checking all of my ropes to make sure they were not too tight – making sure circulation was still happening – but also stroking my body.  My head dropped back as I enjoyed it all – felt I was in a meditative state as the feeling of his hands and body made me further relax.

Until he squeezed my nipple suddenly.  He found two ends of the rope he had placed on my body last – I had not realized how much extra there was until he pulled them in front of me.  He wrapped one piece around my breast, then drew it up between them.  “Open up and hold this” he said as he placed the rope in my mouth, “don’t let it have any slack.”  Then he repeated the process on the other breast.  He took the rope I had in my mouth, crossed it with the other end, and put it back in my mouth.

I moaned and squeaked as he squeeze my nipples again causing him to chuckle, then he sat behind me, pulling my body into his as he embraced me, let me float and continued to touch my body.

His hand fell onto the length of rope that was between my legs and he gently tugged at it. The pressure changed caused me to move against it – move back into him – and moan as my arousal increased.  He got into a rhythm of how he tugged, and all I could do was wiggle and squirm and moan through the rope.  “I love the sounds you make” was the comment he made as he slowly began to stop.  I leaned back into him even more.  My hands holding tight onto his body.  I was completely bound.

He removed the rope from my mouth, shifted us around so that I was laying in his lap.  With one hand, he stroked me skin while the other stroked my hair.  If I were a cat, I would be purring.  I looked up at him, our eyes met, and I smiled a lazy, content smile.

“There’s that wonderful rope drunk smile,” he said as he smiled back.

I was high. A rope high.  A pleasure high.  An attention high.

A high I had not had in way too long.

And all I could say was “thank you” as I resumed smiling, closed my eyes, and continued to ride the wave.

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