Motivational Monday

Aim high.  Because even if you miss, you will be further than you would have been had you aimed too low.

We often remember the words that hurt us longer than the words that lifted us.  Remember that when choosing your words.  It’s hardest to repair the damage done by poorly chosen words.

Just remember not to judge the book by its cover.

I have had many people in my life, over the years, say this.  And I’ve often wanted to ask them what they are doing differently to change the outcome.  It is easy to say you need to make a change, but much harder to do it.  Next time you think to yourself or say out loud that you wish something was different, ask yourself what you are doing to make things different.  Don’t look to others to change – ask yourself what you are doing.  You can only control you.

Lastly, always remember this in an argument – especially online:

What do you think?

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