Motivational Monday

I think people forget that they are most important to themselves. I mean, if you can’t look at yourself in the eye when looking in the mirror, how will anyone else look the same?
If people can’t give you the love you need, then you need to forget them. Find those who will love you as you need to be loved. Who care about you – and respect you – in the way you need and deserve. Do not pine after someone who does not give you what you need.
I feel like I’m living this one.  Someone just yesterday commented they did not understand why we had not met before then. I said, without thinking that I must have needed things to fall apart more than they had so that he and I could come together. I hate that, but love it at the same time.

Don’t do this. While it is good to have goals that are bigger than you, don’t forget those who are there for you here and now.

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  1. Sometimes I honestly wonder what was in that blonde’s (Marilyn Monroe) head.

    The wisdom that came out of there? I just don’t know….

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