Motivational Monday

I love it when this happens. Why? It’s a great lesson on not taking people for granted.  It’s a lesson about treating people how you expect others treat you.  It’s a lesson in showing how much people mean to you instead of assuming your words will work even if your actions don’t match.  There are almost 7 billion people in this world.  I’m sure others will be more than willing to appreciate the person you do not.  And when that happens, all you can do is be pissed at yourself and start taking action from the lesson you just got taught.  And hope that the person you were taking for granted is a big enough person to be patient as you learn to do better.
OWN YOUR WORDS.  Apologize if what you said hurt people – don’t take the pussy way out and say “i’m sorry if I offended someone”.  This is exactly how those two apologies differ.
Karma is real, people.  If what you are getting back is shit, start asking yourself what you are putting out there.
Most people, in my experience, forget the second on this list.  That is what will allow you to have patience – and allow you to shut up in some cases.  
And finally remember:
Happy Monday!

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