Funniest Moments at Work

  1. When the directors all start fighting in a meeting – in front of their boss and their minions – and the logic they have been using against their peers is blown apart by facts and reality.  And they are left standing there looking like a fish out of water.
  2. The moment when the management realizes they cannot – no matter how hard they try – fit 10,000 hours of development and testing into a month. 
  3. When the person I am working with – after a week of bitching and moaning about how no one is including him – realizes I have him well covered with my own knowledge which is on par with his own – and he has to silently eat crow in front of everyone.
  4. When management realizes that after a year of not allowing anyone to take vacation, they now much allow everyone with vacation use it before they lose it ….. and all key people are now taking 2-3 weeks of vacation 5 weeks before go-live.  Oops.
  5. When the CIO realizes his favorite report is flawed – and it happens while we are all meeting on the project and start laughing when we see the flaw. 
  6. Twelve different versions of a format of how management wants to see the feature list for the next list – all different – and all changing every 2hrs. 
  7. Listening to the two bosses arguing in front of the team as to how the process should run. And they are saying the same thing.
  8. The moment when the arrogant PM realizes he has just thrown himself under the bus as well when he attempt to only throw his peers.  Hate it when we are all tied together like that.
  9. When over the course of a day, every manager in every meeting mentions working on a report or plan while drinking the night before.  
  10. When the logic used to justify technology decisions is so fucked up, all you can do is sit there and openly laugh at the person proposing it. (Yes, I do this.)

This place makes some go crazy. But I think they miss the comedic aspect of it. I mean, hell – laugh…..these guys can be so ridiculous it is the best survival tactic. 

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  1. This is the part where you rub your hands and give your best wuhahahahahahahaha!

  2. BTW you need to update your cast… I no longer have that partner.

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