• Mom has surgery today. I found out yesterday at 3pm.  Guess her doc saved a time for her last week and forgot to mention it.  When she saw him yesterday, she decided to just get it over and done.  She will be back home later.  
  • The craziness of work continues.  Rope was given to my problem child on the project. It did not result in the hanging I had hoped, but it was more nails in her coffin.  And I was no where to be found in how I did it.  I love setting failures people are ignoring up to fail.
  • Indigo has been sick for the past two days.  High fever. Nothing else really.  Poor kid.  G has had a lot of tests this week at school – giving them, that is – so he has been able to stay home.  
  • Got my car repairs caught up after 2 yrs of forced ignoring due to financial reasons.  It was as expensive as I thought it would be.  But they detailed my car for free.  
  • I have a large cement elephant in my living room.  Added to my gnome also in my living room, and it’s getting quite interesting from a decorating perspective.  Hell, who am I kidding, it was already interesting.
  • I have a bruise on my side.  Teach me to pinch a sadist back.  Ouch.
  • Oh, and clearly I have not been taught NOT to taunt a sadist……if I’m lucky, I’ll pay for it tonight. 🙂
Okay, I’m off to work….where….
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Sending good vibes for your mom!

  2. My kids have had their “high fevers and nothing else” too.

    At least you are starting to navigate your way out of the murky waters at work.

  3. ~c says:

    I come here by way of Nolens. Hope things work out for your Mom, and hope the fevers stop, or a cold comes through, something at least.

    Here’s something I tell my sadist “really, I’m not going to hurt you”. Usually that leads to an owwie, however its a playful owwie!

    I enjoy being playful…

    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. boneman says:

    that is the best motto I have seen today.
    Heck, best motto ever, actually!
    a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons!
    Thanx for that!

  5. Love the motto and I hope your mom does well. Also, I think that “Never Pinch A Sadist” would be a great title for an intro to BDSM book.

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