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Today marks the 10th consecutive day of work.  While I have been through go-lives before, this is the most fucked up one in memory.  Everyone has issues.  Last minute things that must be worked through.

But we have not done a single end-to-end transaction in the system. Not one.  And we are literally 6 days from going live on it – with real transactions, interactions with our customers, and all.  This is not inconsequential.  This is a disaster.

And as people try to force us ahead, it feels the slower we go in terms of working together and resolving issues.  It’s messed up.  But at least I get overtime.

Mom is in town to see a specialist.  After all the specialists in her area where not taking new patience, she found one in Portland.  So, here is hoping they can get her ulcerated colitis sorted out.  It’s what is causing the problems yet.

She got all of the results back from the tumor and lymph node removal.  She is 100% cancer free.  She just has to have some radiation and all is well. Good news.

A back and forth on my dad’s Facebook status resulted in me calling to find out what the fuck was going on.  Dad, as he’s been frustrated with the medical care in the area, periodically reflects on how it would be better in Iowa.  You see, when you live in a rural area, they send you to a specialist 2-4hrs away if things aren’t getting better. You don’t have to go through the hoops to find your own, make an appointment, etc.  No, the doctors and staff handle it.  It’s pretty painless except for the drive.  It has been making him frustrated at the difference.

He made a comment about Iowa looking better when my sisters-in-law pipped up with smart-ass bitchy remarks.  I asked if everything was okay – and did not get an answer so I called.  Turns out my parents were excluded from my niece’s birthday.  When my mom called about it, she was blown off.  My dad got into it with my brother but without my brother getting the point.

I guess that they hear more from me than they hear from my brothers who live down the road.  My youngest brother won’t even come by anymore – and he works a mile away from the house.  My parents are frustrated by the fact they are far away from the ones who would be stopping by ever few days to make sure they were okay – make sure my mom was okay.  My dad actually asked “who the fuck raised those boys?”  I don’t know, Dad, I don’t know.  Cause neither of my parents taught me to be that way.  I think I know what I need to take with me next time – my 2×4.

My friend Lilli has convinced me to submit to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.  I have a few ideas.  My favorite centers around her and her Evil Julia Childs personality.  And her kitchen.  And someone who bottoms to her.  Yeah, the wheels are turning.  I’m actually excited about this.  I think I’m going to need lights though.  Hmmm….

Good thing I work in a building where a camera shop is located on the ground floor.

In other news, SG popped back onto the radar again.  This time, instead of him checking in, his wife pinged me.  “He misses you a lot, so please call him and schedule some fun time, okay?”


I have mixed feelings about this one.  I have to think about it a lot.  While I’m happy his wife is fine with it all, I don’t like the path it took us to get here.  Also, I have to figure out what I want – how he can fit into it, etc.

He is safe.  It was nice.  But has it passed?  Couple that with the fact he is someone who likes to try things without researching even a little how to do them safely.  Trial and error is his thing when it comes to kink…..and I’m not into that.  It was an area that became an issue towards the end.  But, I guess we shall see.  Like I said, I have to think about this one.

Work has been keeping me absent from blog land.  I come home and a computer is the last thing I’m interesting in being on.  I’m hoping things are done soon so we can exhale a bit.

And remember…..

….words I live by…..

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  1. OsShirt says:

    Great news about your mom!

    Sucky news about your brothers though…

    Be sure to get some “me” time in the next few days, OK?

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