Best Laid Plans

I was going to write about my reprimand at work that was a political move on my boss’s part.  I’ll write about that later as it’s a funny story.

Then I thought about writing about a friend whose recent diagnosis with HSV2 has exemplified how it is more a psychological infection than a physical one.  But that will have to wait.

I got a call as I was getting on the train tonight. I normally don’t answer the phone as I’m getting on the train because, well, it’s rude to talk in the middle of a packed train. But seeing that it was my mom made me answer it.

“What’s up?” I asked.  I figured I would be optimistic.

Without preamble, she proceeded to tell me she has breast cancer.  She found a lump late last week, talked to the doc during her appointment, got some tests done, and the results are cancer.  Surgery is being scheduled ASAP.

Why? They just want to remove the lump and get it over with now….while she is feeling better.

I asked her some questions. They don’t think it’s in the lymph nodes based on what they saw in scans.  More info will be forthcoming as they get things scheduled.

And while I’m happy for a lot of reasons, I’m also not looking forward to the days to come.  Her chronic illness is barely under control. She is just now starting to eat – again.  But we have been here before, so I’m not declaring success.

On a positive side, she was in a position of speaking up about it immediately versus having to remember to schedule an appointment or something.  She got it followed up on and had results over the weekend.  That may not have happened if she had been well and had to schedule time off from work, etc.

I just hope it is as positive as we’d like to believe it is.  She has been through too much. I cannot imagine her going through chemo.

My little brother is thinking the worst – worried what will happen to my dad if something happens to mom.

I guess I’m not ready to think about that yet.

I know many people who have successfully had “no evidence of disease” after treatment for breast cancer.  I have to believe her prognosis will be as good as others.

Call me overly optimistic, but I have to be…..

….this is my mom……

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  1. As long as your mother believes in herself with your support, she can go the distance.

  2. OsShirt says:

    Ugh…good vibes and prayers headed your way.

  3. Grr. I’m so sorry. Love and prayers for all of you.

  4. Dana says:

    Healing thoughts for your mom … and {{{HUGS}}} for you!

  5. Wow, I’m definitely sending good vibes to you and your mom. My mom had breast cancer a while ago, luckily they caught it fairly early. Surgery and radiation, instead of chemo. But either way, still takes a toll on you and your body. I hope your mom is as lucky too and doesn’t have to go through chemo!!

  6. Sending prayers your way.

  7. Hubman says:

    I’m thinking about you and your mom! I hope she has an outcome as good as my moms- radically mastectomy in 1989, cancer free ever since!

  8. A speedy recovery for your mom. Hugs to you chica…

    On the good note, she checked and caught it. On the bad’s Cancer..FUCK!

    I will say that the number of women I have known or have been friends of friends with Breast Cancer are alarming.

    A second round of hugs for both you and your mom!

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