Wednesday Wanderings

I’m snarky today. I think I need a sign for my desk. I already apologized to several people this morning after the snark took over. Thankfully they found it funny.  It is flowing from my mouth too easily today.

I tweeted this overheard comment by a cohort “I don’t buy material things”. I would like to point out that he has the WHITE iPhone, the Ducati branded laptop bag, he speaks about his iPad more than he does about his kid, and he is constantly going on about the latest technology he is buying.  Good think he isn’t into material things.

I love it when people take what I say, repeat it as their own, and forget that I’m sitting nearby and can hear them. 

After the project teams spent the entire holiday weekend working on getting functionality finished for testing on Tuesday, we learned that last week an upper level manager re-prioritized the list of must haves for this project.  The leader sent out an email saying “it is imperative that this information is communicated ASAP as I do not want people here working on de-prioritized items if they don’t have to be.”  Guess what wasn’t sent out?  Guess how people are reacting?  I should mention the fun part of this whole thing. The son of this leader works with us – so guess who found out immediately that this wasn’t communicated? Yep – the leader.  It’s been a fun morning.

During the holidays, G and I played a fun game we called “what truths can we get away with telling”.  It started when my SIL asked G what else, besides meat, is he starting to do.  He replied with “tall women”.  She giggled since she’s 5’11”, and I giggled for entirely different reasons.  Thus started the game.  We had some cock and ball jokes, bondage jokes, the spanking comments were the most funny to me, followed closely by the smacks given with a wooden spoon where technique was discussed.  My youngest brother is pretty funny in terms of how he makes jokes, thus making it easy to play off.  The key for me? Not looking at G after the joke is made so I didn’t laugh my ass off in a way to raise suspicion.

I am an addict to mandarin oranges. 

I discovered that after dealing with my mom and all that I crash ….hard.  And people get hit by it….sadly.  I spent a lot of yesterday apologizing for my emotional outburst that struck people at inopportune times.  Spending so much time focused on other people, doing things for them that I don’t have time to do to myself, takes a lot out of me.  I imploded Monday night.  It was not pretty.  And I am still sorry. Hate it when it happens.

I got more photos from the photo shoot I did a few weeks back.  They are awesome! One in particular, I’ll be posting later.  Amazing rope work by an amazing female rigger.  Female riggers are out there, but don’t seem to get as much attention as the men.  It was fun working with one and having her work highlighted.  Good stuff.

Ok – back to work. Hope everyone is having a good hump day.  Hump and hump often to celebrate!

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  1. OsShirt says:

    You’re sorry you imploded? After a tense major holiday? Are you nuts? 😛

    We didn’t have quite the same games with my family, though my youngest niece, a college freshman, had to hold her tongue once or twice before something embarrassing or inappropriate slipped out. She did let one comment out, but she warned us ahead of time. Had to do with blow jobs. Damn, when did all these kids grow up???

  2. I (Jack) tend to be pretty snarky as well, and like you I sometimes lash out when I am dealing with something difficult. I think it’s a common thing for many people, and the important thing is that you apologized to those affected.

    We can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. G is into meat? Does this mean he is now eating food with a face, or is there a sexual connotation I am ignorant of.

    Family holidays can be fun. Thats when we usually hide the electronics.

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