Wednesday Ramblings

  • Mom is in the hospital – again.  I have lost count of how many times she has been in the hospital over the last 6 weeks.  They admitted her yesterday not sure what is going on.  She can’t keep potassium levels where they should be.  And the tests for what they thought she had are producing results that don’t make sense.  At this point, they are redoing all tests assuming they missed something.  She is depressed and frustrated.  I can only hope they sort it out so they can get her well.  I worry and fear for the worst.
  • Eureka’s cartoon episode was hilarious.  I was impressed with how they did it.
  • Indigo got in trouble for hitting a boy yesterday. Yes, my daughter was in trouble for fighting.  In the end, the boy admitted that he was in the wrong.  And she didn’t get into trouble. The irony? Based on what we heard – she was the one to blame.  Can’t fool the parents.
  • I’m getting the fucked up project at work.  Sigh.  I knew it was going to happen which is why I’ve been keeping my fingers in it. But still. Crazy projects are me.
  • I like this and feel several peopled need it:
  • After almost 10 days, most of my bruises have faded from the play party. Just in time for another one.  I love my life.
  • I am so behind reading blogs lately – I feel bad.  I’m happy if I can get an HNT and regular post posted.  My apologies if people are feeling neglected. Life is getting in the way – it isn’t any personal – I promise.
  • Ashly is 9 days away from being done with her Toys for Tots drive. Go over and give her a few bucks to support this great cause.  She is amazing –  and I’m always happy to support her each year.  
  • Sunday night was a grand night. Maybe if I find some time, I’ll write a little something about it.  Threesomes are fun. 
Happy Hump Day!

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