Re-Discovering my Photo Muse

Over the weekend, I did something I haven’t done in quite a while – I took photos.  The river was calm – and the reflections in the water were perfect.  
I just had to shoot photographs.  Something interesting about the first photo?  See the second piling? There is a blue sign? That is where the water was in 1996.  I was out sandbagging when that happend.  Gives some interesting perspective especially when I mention that the water levels are normal right now.  
Treat people like mirrors & watch how you reflect in their eyes. 
-Nnamdi G. Osuagwu

Love many, trust a few, but always paddle your own canoe.
To carry his load without resting, not to be bothered by heat or cold and always be content: these three things we can learn from a donkey
~ Indian Proverb
I loved the donkeys at the Christmas Tree farm.  They were sweet and soft.  I keep having to remind the family that there will be no donkeys added to our urban farm – even if they are the size of a great dane.
Nor will there be one of these: 
No cows unless they are in our freezer – packaged in steaks, stew meat and other cuts.
Even Monday, I wished I had my camera.  
It’s good to want to shoot again.

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  1. I’m feeling the pull to shoot pics too. What is it? Can’t be the weather.

  2. Dana says:

    After a year of (pretty much) not taking photos, I’ve committed to doing the P365 thing again.

    I need to nurture my creative side or I get out of whack. I am currently out of whack 😉

    Thanks for sharing these photos Emmy … and the inspiration!

  3. Hubman says:

    Considering that you were a big inspiration for me getting a DSLR and into photography, I’m glad to see you shooting again!

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