Motivational Monday

It is really easy to compare what you are going through to someone else – and wonder why they don’t have the issues, etc.  But remember that you are only seeing the highlights – what they have allowed you to see.  It isn’t fair to yourself to compare your reality to their highlights.

Often times we won’t way what we think because we are afraid it isn’t what the person wants to hear – or we think they need to to hear something else.  Don’t do that.  Doing that is dishonest to both of you.  Plus, let the person know your thought process – where you really stand.  It’s hard but it’s more honest than anything else you can do.

This sort of goes along with what is above.  If you are honest and truthful and coming from a good place, you cannot be responsible for someone else and their understanding of what you say.  You can only be responsible for the saying of it.  Come from a good place – say it with the best intentions – and you cannot be responsible for them.

Remember – no one gets out alive. Stop taking so much seriously.  Stand back – let it happen – laugh.  Enjoy the life you have.

Happy Boxing Day!

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