Restarts and Snarks

I rarely have my impatience about a situation end as well as it did on Wednesday.  I was done with silence and all with a friend – a friend where things hit a point where I know I needed a good time out – even if I also did not want it.

It has been far from easy – for either of us – and I’ve hated it more and more as time has gone on.  After he reached out to me and it didn’t go well, I applaud his persistence in trying again.  The second try was good.  We met, we hugged, we talked, we listened, and we hit the big ‘ole reset button.

The emotional release, for me, was huge.  I could feel the stress leave my body when I got home.  The shoulda, coulda, wouldas were gone.  I felt we were going again in a positive direction.  And that was good. I don’t do patient well.  I don’t do unresolved well. And I hate it when things are unresolved with people who are important to me.

It’s funny because his wife made a comment earlier that day: “Too much death, illness and hurt this fall. May there be light, healing and hope this winter season”  It was my hope as well.  That hope would replace the hurt.  I’m glad it has.


“Moe, what’s a personal vibrator? Or do I want to know?”

Thank you trojan vibrator commercials!  

“I’ll tell you but it has to do with sex.”

“Uhm….I’ll pass.”

Later, when it came onto the TV again, she made some snarky comment about it and directed it at me.

Her penance – I started telling her what it was.

“I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!!” was what she yelled as she went running from the room.

Tweens are fun.


Hope people avoided black friday. I’m a fan of supporting the non-big box stores.  Small shops need our help more than the large stores.  Go give them your money.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Funny. I had an that was somewhat similar. I hope my words got through.

    But this year, I think these holidays are going to be somewhat painful.

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