Random Thoughts

* I cannot sleep if someone is snoring. I used to be forced to share a room on softball trips with someone who could shake the entire hotel with her snoring. Why? Because she was annoying and I tolerated her. I would throw things at her as she slept.

* I eat sushi with a shitload of pickled ginger. And wasabi.

* I am not a fan of crab yet I would force myself to eat it when grandpa would get it when in season. Still am not a fan.

* Seeing my niece wear the coat my kids both wore made me acutely aware of much they have grown. I don’t think they were that small.

* When buying Indigo her new bike, G was concerned she could outgrow it. I pointed out if she did, I would have a new bike. How sad is that?

* Funny how I’m realizing how high strung some of the people are on my PM team. They claim it’s stress; I think they are just normally this way.

* My insomnia is back. My brain hates me. This morning it started with a list of cutover task for us to start testing in a few weeks. Then it rehashed life.

* My goal today is to get all my project plan tasks to turn green. If I do, I won’t show up in the daily report. It’s the little things sometimes.

* My in-laws and their weird approaches to handling the kids are making my kids more snarky. I’m waiting for the day with DJ looks at my FIL and calls him out on his nitpickiness. I think the day is rapidly approaching. I hope I’m there to witness it for a few reasons.

* I’m tired.

I leave you with the funny cartoon I drew the other night as the girls and I were at the VW club with G. We were all in a weird mood….

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  1. I can’t sleep either if someone is snoring. Actually I can’t sleep in total silence, I need a constant white noise type thing going on. Air conditioners, humidifiers with a loud fan, etc are my friends. I have a travel white noise machine but I’ve found it’s not loud enough. I need something loud enough to block out everything. Luckily with my phone I found an app called Relax & Sleep, it has tons of sounds. It’s great for when we’re on the road. I can plug in my phone to keep it charged and let it play for both of us, or if it’s just me i’ll use comfortable earbuds.

    My insomnia is back, too. It seemed to get better there for a lil bit.

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